Want to become a DOM brand ambassador?

We are excited to introduce our Dangers Of The Mind Brand Ambassador Program. A community where you can finally see real goals being crushed, accountability for your next steps in life and feeding your mind to continue to become mentally strong to walk in your purpose to be a TRUE DOMinator in every area of your life!

Meet some of our


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Kenmora Morris

North Carolina Central University

DOM is creating an outlet for the younger generation leaders. One of Kristen Hopkins quotes she said was " The position of your mind determines the posture of your life", that spoke to me. I want to be apart of more than just a empowering organization but to help shine light and bring creativity and change to our youth. I want to maximize my fullest potential as well as help others around me. Being apart of DOM is not only help the younger generation, but it is also help me grow and build my...

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Brianca Wright

Son of Sophistication

I have been working with kids for the past 5 years and I understand the significance that past traumas and negative ideals can have on ones day to day functioning. Your past may determine your present but you have the power to redefine your future. Being able to overcome them myself and help future generations to do the same is a part of my life's purpose. Children are the future and I've seen the potential that the future holds but it is only released when someone invests in them.

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Charles Bolden


I’m a business man.

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Corey Allen

Land Rover/Jaguar

I have always wanted to be apart of the brand. Knowing Kristen personally and watching her grow has inspired me. No better way to become successful than surrounding yourself with a successful cast of individuals.