jason sykes

“I ask for greatness, but I’m not perfect, so I’m far from satisfied…”
CMO Alerte,Carter & Associates LLC
“I ask for greatness, but I’m not perfect, so I’m far from satisfied…” I always knew where I wanted to be, but was clueless as to how I was going to get there. As the midst of the winter season graces its presence towards the new year, I get this opportunity to reflect on what was, but most importantly what had become of a thirty year old man from Jamaica Queens, NY who had dreams of being successful doing what he desired to do. You see, the term “success” carries many meanings, but to me, success is the result of a person being able to gain exemplary recognition for doing what he/she loved to do best. As for myself, I wanted to be successful in the sports industry as an entrepreneur & was fortunate enough to realize that vision while a junior in high school, but was not prepared for the winding road which lay before me towards that revelation. For the past eight years, I’ve consequently lived out that dream working in as Chief Marketing Officer of my own firm entitled Alerte Carter & Associates, where I was blessed to work alongside some of the most well know athletes and influences in the sports and entertainment industry, as well as being able to work with my twin brother and lifelong friends as we created a legitimate business, doing exactly what we loved and dreamed of doing. Everyone loves to promote their success, but it’s where the trials and tribulations of sustaining a business, display your true character. Throughout the years, I’ve endured being faced with sour business deals, and clients who have signed agreements with you, and then disappeared when payments were to be made. How on a December 23rd, you have a joyous Christmas party with your entire company of 15 employees, and on January 5th of the next year, eighty-five percent of your staff decided amongst themselves that working for you, was not part of their “New Year’s Resolution”. Leases made out on office space with no idea of how to pay the rent each month and, then ducking the landlord because you just don’t have it right now, internal business arguments and dividing views on how the business should be run, and not to mention how all these things effect your personal relationships with your closest family and friends, who you speculate, never truly believed in you in the first place when you confided in them about your goals and dreams , but is more apparent when currently placed in a state of adversity. Not all aspects of my professional career have been filled by despair, as there were almost twice as much success, as there was failure, but what I couldn’t get over, was the overwhelming cloud of stagnation that would be placed over my life, as when the seasons changed year after year, so would my happiness and affect on my life both professionally, and personally. From the fall until winter, business was great, things are almost perfect. As soon as the spring arrives, life slows down, and once the summer comes, things would get bad. I couldn’t shake why this continuous cycle occurred, but what was most discouraging, is at a time as when the sun is at its brightest, I felt at my lowest. “I search for greatness, but I’m not perfect, so I’m far from satisfied…” Throughout this time period, as an entrepreneur and person, I was constantly placing blame on other people or factors as to why progress was falling to the waste side. My mind chose to take the easy way out to and convince myself that it wasn’t my fault and people around me would only feel the brunt of my burdens as if they played a part in my current demise. To get away from the stress, I would often zone out at my gym, or at the local park and work out until exhaustion, using my mind and whatever song that was playing on my iPod, as proverbial fuel, to take out my aggressions on the heavy weights I was lifting or researching challenging exercise regiments to take on that day. I took on a mindset of taking control of my health as much as I could, as some sought of an ironically painless escape from what could be crumbling in my professional, or personal life. I also figured that if I can create a space for rejuvenation health wise, I started to carry out a regiment of attending church on a regular basis to in order to make an attempt to gain progress spiritually. It didn’t hit me all at once, but at the culmination of sitting in The Christian Cultural Center of East NY on many frequent Sundays, I would get little nuggets of God using either my pastor Dr. A.R. Bernard, or whichever guest speaker that day, as a catalyst to speak directly to me! “God wants humans to take responsibility for the world of which he placed them” “Your life is a printout of your thoughts, as you are liable for how your life will befall” “When you want to see change you have to have an impartation with God” “Your life is changed by relationships, opportunities, revelations, & decisions” By upholding the previous regiments of health and spiritual enhancement, allowed me to open up more about what else that God can show me to provide improvement in my life, either professionally or otherwise. It wasn’t until God spoke to me one day while on my way to the gym, and said one word. It was “Accountability”. I didn’t know what it meant at first, but I also couldn’t get that word out of my head. Later on that evening, I was watching a YouTube video of Denzel Washington giving a motivational curtain call speech for his highly successful run while on the play of “A Raisin In the Sun” as two quotes struck a chord with me when he said “True desire in the heart for anything good, is God’s proof to you, sent beforehand, to indicate that its yours already” as well as “Goals, on the road to achievement, cannot be achieved without Discipline & Consistency”. To take it a step further, I had to define for myself, how does one stay disciplinary towards their goals and stay consistent long enough to achieve them? That’s where the phrase that God spoke to me revealed meaning and told me in saying that I am Accountable. I believe one the hardest things to do while living is to hold yourself accountable for the causes and effects of your life. We as humans, are all given the ability to choose, but it is the accountability of carrying out those choices, which dictates the results of our lives. It was easy to for me to blame my partners or other factors, for why my business was not going the way I wanted, or why certain relationships were mistreated or dissolved, or how come I always knew what I wanted to become as that junior in high school, but felt that life was yielding a reoccurring outcome with no resolution in sight. I am accountable for my health. I am accountable for my wealth. I am accountable for harnessing that necessary consistent attitude that it takes to stay discipline every second of the day, in order to achieve my goals over a period of time. I am also accountable for my mistakes. But I am ultimately accountable for my own happiness. I started writing the word “Accountability” in different fonts on a blank sheet of computer paper, then cut out the words and placed them all over my room, on the side of my television, on my mirror, on my laptop, on my lamp shade, and where ever else I can see that word on a daily basis as reminder of what mindset that I will now carry out. As one who now constantly places self-accountability on whatever factors of life that comes my way, I was able control the aspects of how I conducted business in the interests of not only myself, but the interests of my current clients, business partners & colleagues. As things were improving professionally, I was also able to pay close attention towards the relationships that I kept and dictate how I responded towards certain adversity. This new mantra has allowed me to make peace with the “now” in my life, and appreciate the journey of which I’ve came. Although I’m still a work in progress till this day, through this new understanding I am able to recognize that previous danger of my mind, and achieve a more positive perspective on the process of life, and not just the subsequential outcomes. To bring things back full circle, the reason why I love the winter, is because as the weather attempts it’s set of transition into that season, I always use this initial time of the year to reflect on my past, as I wouldn’t change a thing because to me every opportunity, every failure, every achievement, every piece of gratitude I was given, all the accolades and praise, leave me forever thankful and grateful. Overall, I’m successful because despite it all, I’m continuing to do what I love, as I walk in faith with the understanding that I have a responsibility to compel my thought life towards my eventual blessed & high favor. “I can see greatness, and I realize I’m not perfect, so I’m satisfied with that…” THANK YOU