A social and emotional experience
  • Why choose Dangers Of The Mind Curriculum?

    77% of all DOM facilitators agreed DOM program complimented the students needs in the school they teach.

  • Why choose Dangers Of The Mind Curriculum?
    A majority of teachers we polled described their schools climate as frustrating, overwhelming, and understaffed.
  • Why choose Dangers Of The Mind Curriculum?

    Teachers we polled said that learning methods that are challenging for this generation are…

    • “Social skills and being able to interact with others”
    • “Students being able to self-advocate to adults”
    • “Students knowing the difference between social media vs. reality”
    • “Learning how to troubleshoot unexpected outcomes”
  • Why choose Dangers Of The Mind Curriculum?
    77% of all facilitators agreed that this program opened an environment for students to share and developed their self awareness
  • Why choose Dangers Of The Mind Curriculum?
    80% of facilitators surveyed agree that they are better able to reach Student goals. Y eliminating the DOMs

Watch the dangers of the mind curriculum official video and learn more about our unique program

Take a look at the video to see an educational community speaking about their dangers of the mind experience.

Dangers Of The Mind takes pride in allowing students to read and comprehend the material and demonstrate their understanding through 4 components:

  • Discuss it
  • Apply it
  • Journal it
  • Extend it

The Dangers Of The Mind Activity Cards, Locator Tests, Check-List, rubrics and more are designed to assist with:

  • self-reflection
  • social competence
  • interactive learning
  • Self Management
  • character development
  • self-regulation
  • college and career readiness
  • Responsible decision making
  • learning how to troubleshoot unexpected outcomes

The Intervention Kit

This research-based Intervention Kit can benefit your school community because it allows students to identify their areas of struggles (DOM's) and reflect on their decisions while undergoing possible short-term removal from class.

This program is for alternative, choice academy, comprehensive schools, and youth detention organizations who are very pleased with the results of our program. All of our materials is designed to relate to this generation of students. Check out our intervention kit up close, click the links below.

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