Dangers of the Mind

Why everyone is loving our social and emotional curriculum
“I believe a toxic thought life can become your reality.” - Kristen Hopkins
About The Curriculum:

Every 365 Days a student you know enters yet another year holding on to some type of brokenness, insecurity, fear or inequality. These are all distractions which are increasing inadequate perceptions. These familiar emotions, and negative ideas are identified as internal attacks against the everyday thought life. Also known by Author, Kristen Hopkins as the Dangers of the Mind.

This social and emotional literacy curriculum, provides a unique perspective on issues that affect teens, due to their personal cerebral impediments. Dangers of the mind, LLC. identifies the mental breakdowns that one may face, in order to overcome their negative thoughts, and fundamentally create a sustainable progressive outcome for their future. Over the course of eighteen weeks or thirty-six weeks, students will be able to identify and engage in lessons that are designed to reach, teach and build a strong system of future pioneers that will be able to harness their internal power, and ultimately catapult into their rightful purpose.

Dangers of the Mind Facilitator’s Guide:

Dangers of the Mind Facilitator’s Guide is supportive in guiding instructors in utilizing the lessons within the book, Dangers of the Mind, with young people to its fullest benefit. The Facilitator Guide is comprised of ten student lessons, a parent connection component, Building Healthy Mind assessments, and a College & Career Checklist, all focused on success in the classroom and life. The lesson menus are flexible enough to be used in 30-90 minute sessions or over a week’s time, depending upon the number of activities completed. This guide pulls together specific content for the user to empower schools and other groups, to impact youth on a new level.

Every lesson utilizes grades 6-12 Common Core State Standards, in the following areas of literacy: Utilizing Informational Text, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Many lesson activities utilize College and Career Readiness Skills, noted to align with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards. Student lessons are organized in a “before, during, and after” format, for simple use and contain activities in the following specific areas: Speaking & Listening, Informational Reading and Research & Writing.

Dangers of the Mind Participant Portfolio:

The Participant Portfolio includes activities designed to promote engagement with the Dangers of the Mind text and help students and adults apply new knowledge in all areas of their lives. Every portfolio lesson begins with a Lesson Focus to ensure primary lesson points. The Participant Portfolio also includes a variety of participant assessments including a pre and post assessment, a checklist, and a Building Healthy Minds rubric.

The Dangers of the Mind Curriculum promotes building healthy minds, by identifying socially and emotionally detrimental setbacks. The lessons help students, create a pathway towards manifesting a positive outlook on life. Ultimately, by encouraging the youth to eliminate these attacks against their thought life, we are ushering in the future leaders of tomorrow to walk in purpose, and LIVE on purpose.

Why Social and emotional learning?

We pride ourselves on building a positive community of DOMinators!


11% increase of students receiving regular SEL


9%-10% Improvement In positive attitude and behavior for students receiving regular SEL


70% of high school graduates are deficient in professional work etihic says employers


As reported by 70% of teachers


(Data from Dangers of the Mind Participant Workshops)
  • 64% - discipline is very important in achieving success according to your vision.
  • 81% - "technology makes our lives easier, but it is also distracting."
  • 61% - believes that reality TV shows always show real life, nothing is ever staged or untrue.
  • 74% - agrees that what you think and believe has an impact on what happens in your life.


(Survey conducted after curriculum was completed)
  • Improved self-esteem 100% SA/A
  • Think before acting 100% SA/A
  • Increased mental strength 100% SA/A
  • Believed circumstances does not define self 70%
  • Gained hope for a bright future 100%

Check Out What Our Facilitators Are Saying.

We Provide Pre & Post Tests, "Building Healthy Mind" Teacher/student rubric assessments, and DOMinator Trackers.
of students are actively engaged during their DOM sessions
of facilitators agree that the DOM lessons/activities are relevant to students
of facilitators think that DOM is a good use of their students time
of facilitators find the "Discuss It" component of the DOM lessons are most effective
of all DOM facilitators agreed DOM program complimented the students needs in the school they teach.
of facilitators surveyed agree that they are better able to reach Student goals by eliminating the DOMs
of all facilitators agreed that this program opened an environment for students to share and developed thier self awareness

Our Latest SEL Poll

We asked educators what their challenges were in the classroom. Check out their responses below:

A majority of teachers that we polled top desires for change for their students are helping students build their self-worth/confidence, managing emotions, and increasing their self-regulation

A majority of teachers we polled described their schools climate as frustrating, overwhelming, and understaffed.

Teachers we polled said that learning methods that are challenging for this generation are:

  • “Social skills and being able to interact with others”
  • “Students being able to self-advocate to adults”
  • “Students knowing the difference between social media vs. reality”
  • “Learning how to troubleshoot unexpected outcomes”

Our Unique Curriculum

Dangers of the Mind takes pride in allowing students to read and comprehend the material and demonstrate their understanding through 4 components:

Discuss it

Public Speaking (This hones in on a student’s ability to not only express their feelings to a group, but be confident in their voice, which can help in long term success with their careers.)

Journal it

This component helps students express themselves through a positive channel of writing.

Apply it

Taking an action approach in what they are learning and applying it to their own lives

Extend it

Activating a student’s mind to take a deeper dive approach which allows the student to learn and go beyond what is required.

Every lesson utilizes grades 6-12 Common Core State Standards in the following areas of literacy:

  • Utilizing Informational Text
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Many lesson activities utilize College and Career Readiness Skills, noted to align with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards.

Our program will help your students in the following areas:

  • Social Impact
  • Social Competence
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Interactive Learning
  • Public Speaking
  • College Bound
  • Career Readiness
  • Self confidence
  • Character Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Civically Engaged
  • Self Management
  • self-regulation
  • Responsible decision making

Dangers of the Mind SEL curriculum is innovative, relevant, and speaks to this generation!

We pride ourselves on building a positive community of DOMinators!

Dangers of the Mind is a way of life in and out the classroom

Our hands on approach builds great relationships with students! Let our program maximize your students influence in your schools and your community.

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